CRI Student Services

The Student's Page

The Student's Page is the place to come when you are interested in being involved in research & development, and or innovation at GPRC. It may also be the place for entrepreneurs (check back later).

We offer a variety of opportunities as a student researcher: 1. your idea, with a faculty mentor; 2. working with a faculty member on existing research; or 3. working with our innovation services staff who help local business owners and inventors become more profitable or develop a new invention. 

Current opportunities include:

Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Project: help local business owners learn about which form of digital technology is best suited to fix their business problem - please contact Janet Plante, BlueCollar Consulting and CRI Adjunct Staff Member directly if you are interested.  

CRI Office projects: the CRI office has a number of office administration projects that would provide you with cash and us with a solution.  Ideas include: 1. PowerPoint Presentations have good content but underdeveloped design; on-going website improvements; 3. there is a need to create a number of short IgniteTM or Pecha KuchaTM presentations; 4. videos - come make a video to help clients understand how we can help them; or 5. come and 'make us an offer we can't refuse').  Please contact Bruce Rutley Director CRI.

Future opportunities:

Student Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SARIE) pilot project: - read, money and expert advice to help fund your research, innovation or new business idea. We hope to have this Pilot Project going in September - please check back later.